Importance of Digital Marketing

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Original Article written by: Solvoguru

Importance of Digital Marketing for e-Commerce business in 2019, the rapid development of new technologies forces businesses to catch up to their pace. More businesses are incorporating digital marketing to their brand promotion plans, and having an online presence is becoming more important than ever. Traditional marketing is seen as no longer sufficient, and the incorporation of digital marketing makes revenues increase. In the case of eCommerce, digital marketing is vital to make your company grow. Now the question is… why is it so important?

1 – The world is moving on

We all are well aware, especially as eCommerce owners, of the changes that technology has brought about. People prefer to lead a digital life, in the comfort of their house. There is no need for billboards or ads in magazines because that is not part of their world anymore. However, people are spending longer amounts of time on mobile devices and computers and syncing every aspect of their life on the cloud. Our lives are digital, and therefore our marketing should also be.

2 – It’s fair play for new start-ups

Digital Marketing provides equal opportunities to all eCommerce. You are competing at the same level as multinationals and large companies. Your eCommerce will be able to perform sales and marketing developments that were previously only reachable for big corporations. You do not need to rely on call center services to successfully engage with multiple clients. On top of that online marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing. Therefore, a small eCommerce with no assets and capitalization can find a top-quality and money-wise savvy advertising channel in digital marketing. Blink Digital Consulting specializes in working with startups and has marketing packages specifically designed for startups.

3 – It converts your visitors into buyers

One thing you want for your eCommerce’s marketing plan is that it delivers conversion. That means that you want your traffic to convert into sales, optimizing your conversion rate. Digital advertising and the use of CRO Tools, SEO, SMO, and e-mail marketing are vital to this and have much better results than traditional advertising. They create swift and worthwhile interactions with your target audiences and guarantee higher conversion rates.

4 – It increases your income

Opting for digital marketing options for your eCommerce is more profitable and helps your revenues increase. You will personally have more benefits and your business will see much higher incomes in comparison to those who do not utilize this type of marketing. You will also be at better odds of enhancing your company, since you will have your doors open to both local and overseas markets, expanding your consumer base and therefore your revenues.

5 – It helps you easily interact with your target audience

Distancing yourself from traditional marketing and getting involved with digital options will facilitate the interaction with your targeted audiences, ensuring result-driven exchanges. Your eCommerce clients will get what they want, which is a medium through which they can contact you, and that will let you know what their expectations are and what your projections need. This data is crucial and will direct you towards planning your next moves. As a result, you will be able to provide your clients with much better experiences and develop great relations with them, as you will build trust between your audience and your business.

6 – It helps you reach mobile consumers

There is no doubt that nowadays everyone has a mobile device and smartphones have expanded everywhere. That is the reason why mobile marketing has also become the most fashionable means of data diffusion and the go-to communication channel. There is almost no young adult in America who does not have his phone within reaching distance. The best time to make advertising efforts geared towards mobile users is now. Advertisement directed to smartphone users has become vital in shaping buyers’ decisions.

7 – It helps you establish a good reputation for your brand

Brand Reputation has become increasingly dependent on digital marketing, and especially of social media presence. These two have the faculty of attracting your target audience. It can make your prospective clients feel captivated enough to purchase whatever you bring to their table. In exchange for delivering exactly what you offered, your previous clients will help you build trust and heighten your brand reputation. The open communication between you and your clients, and among previous and prospective clients will create new chances of widening your audience and developing your business.

8 – You can earn the public’s trust through it

This point is closely related to the previous one since a good reputation and the trust of the people generally go hand in hand. Since interactions with your clients in social networks are immediate and allow for a customer-tailored collaboration between a business and the target audience, digital marketing puts a lot of emphasis on it. Your online interactions will shape others’ vision about your brand in particular, and social reviews and testimonials made by people your audience knows personally are a key aspect here.

9 – Ensures your prospective clients follow your calls to action.

Nowadays nothing helps your business more than a “like and share” or “tag your friends”. Good digital marketing makes use of these techniques which engage your audience. Calls to action let your visitors know what they can do, like “use this code to get a 10% off” or “buy it with a friend and get the second product for free”. Using these techniques, you can lure your visitors into making moves that are favorable for you.

10 – It makes sure you are ready for the future

It’s 2019 and the death of traditional marketing is inevitable. American houses are more and more often surrounded by devices that are connected to the cloud and interconnected with other devices. People do not leave the house so often. Practically everything you could have done in real life before is now done online. Leaving traditional marketing behind and thinking only in the future of marketing will only help your eCommerce grow. You want to be sure that your business survives any up and downs and you can enjoy its benefits.

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