How to Make Competitor Analysis an Integral Part of Your SEO map.

Every day, your ideal customer is bombarded with hundreds of emails, ads, social content, and messaging from companies just like yours. In this hyper-competitive environment, simply putting your own spin on the same tried-and-true topics just won't cut it.

To truly make an impact in today’s crowded marketplace, you need to understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses as they compare to your competitors. That's where competitor analysis comes in.

When used effectively, competitor analysis can do far more than just allow your brand to benchmark its content performance with others in your space. In this playbook, you’ll learn how a thorough competitive analysis can help you succeed online, including:

  • Recognizing your competitors so you can build a robust corresponding digital strategy

  • Optimizing existing content

  • Analyzing keywords to improve your content, attract new audiences and increase your search volume

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