Blink Digital Consulting Counts Itself Among the Top SEO Companies in Canada

When discussing SEO strategies and effectiveness, most vendors focus on targets and metrics, but this often misses the point of the industry, which is solidifying local SEO authority.

All the content, keywords, and KPIs in the world won’t be any help if people can't find your business. If your business is not integrated with Search Engines, your funnels and campaigns will not work.

This is what our team sought to add to the conversation when we began a few years ago. A lot of things have changed since then and we’re ready to share them all today, starting with how our clients are driving our growth with their feedback.

The project involved a motorsport dealership taking on new product lines and wanted to increase its rankings for related searches. They hired Blink Digital Consulting to provide SEO services.

“Thanks to the efforts of the Blink Digital team, the company is ranking within the top three on all of its major searches. The company appreciated how the team adapts to its quickly changing demands, and even provides suggestions as well as areas of focus.”

~ Ralph’s Motorsports.

They were able to find us through mutual connections and decided to choose us as their partner based on the reviews of our work. Judging from the score they gave us in their review, we’re fairly confident in saying that they were pleased with the work we did and continue to do for them. But those who want to read more details regarding the project methodology and its results are free to do so on our Clutch profile.

This project is significant for a number of reasons. First, it gave us the opportunity to help a business within our community which is what our work is all about. Second, thanks to this review adding to our five-star average, we’ve recently been named as one of the best providers of SEO services on Clutch.

This is a very welcome development for our team as well as an important milestone where we can definitely say we’ve made significant gains in our industry. SEO is incredibly competitive everywhere in the world and to be named as one of its leaders is a boost that our team is thrilled to have.

At Blink Digital Consulting, we’re only interested in delivering meaningful results. If you’re looking for a team that can provide true value for your business, your search is over. Visit our website to get more details on how we can apply our knowledge to your benefit. Also, feel free to contact us at any time for any questions or inquiries.

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