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Importance of Digital Marketing for e-Commerce business in 2019, the rapid development of new technologies forces businesses to catch up to their pace. More businesses are incorporating digital marketing to their brand promotion plans, and having an online presence is becoming more important than ever. Traditional marketing is seen as no longer sufficient, and the incorporation of digital marketing makes revenues increase. In the case of eCommerce, digital marketing is vital to make your company grow. Now the question is… why is it so important?

1 – The world is moving on

We all are well aware, especially as eCommerce owners, of the changes that technology has brought about. People prefer to lead a digital life, in the comfort of their house. There is no need for billboards or ads in magazines because that is not part of their world anymore. However, people are spending longer amounts of time on mobile devices and computers and syncing every aspect of their life on the cloud. Our lives are digital, and therefore our marketing should also be.

2 – It’s fair play for new start-ups

Digital Marketing provides equal opportunities to all eCommerce. You are competing at the same level as multinationals and large companies. Your eCommerce will be able to perform sales and marketing developments that were previously only reachable for big corporations. You do not need to rely on call center services to successfully engage with multiple clients. On top of that online marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing. Therefore, a small eCommerce with no assets and capitalization can find a top-quality and money-wise savvy advertising channel in digital marketing. Blink Digital Consulting specializes in working with startups and has marketing packages specifically designed for startups.

3 – It converts your visitors into buyers

One thing you want for your eCommerce’s marketing plan is that it delivers conversion. That means that you want your traffic to convert into sales, optimizing your conversion rate. Digital advertising and the use of CRO Tools, SEO, SMO, and e-mail marketing are vital to this and have much better results than traditional advertising. They create swift and worthwhile interactions with your target audiences and guarantee higher conversion rates.

4 – It increases your income

Opting for digital marketing options for your eCommerce is more profitable and helps your revenues increase. You will personally have more benefits and your business will see much higher incomes in comparison to those who do not utilize this type of marketing. You will also be at better odds of enhancing your company, since you will have your doors open to both local and overseas markets, expanding your consumer base and therefore your revenues.

5 – It helps you easily interact with your target audience

Distancing yourself from traditional marketing and getting involved with digital options will facilitate the interaction with your targeted audiences, ensuring result-driven exchanges. Your eCommerce clients will get what they want, which is a medium through which they can contact you, and that will let you know what their expectations are and what your projections need. This data is crucial and will direct you towards planning your next moves. As a result, you will be able to provide your clients with much better experiences and develop great relations with them, as you will build trust between your audience and your business.

6 – It helps you reach mobile consumers

There is no doubt that nowadays everyone has a mobile device and smartphones have expanded everywhere. That is the reason why mobile marketing has also become the most fashionable means of data diffusion and the go-to communication channel. There is almost no young adult in America who does not have his phone within reaching distance. The best time to make advertising efforts geared towards mobile users is now. Advertisement directed to smartphone users has become vital in shaping buyers’ decisions.

7 – It helps you establish a good reputation for your brand

Brand Reputation has become increasingly dependent on digital marketing, and especially of social media presence. These two have the faculty of attracting your target audience. It can make your prospective clients feel captivated enough to purchase whatever you bring to their table. In exchange for delivering exactly what you offered, your previous clients will help you build trust and heighten your brand reputation. The open communication between you and your clients, and among previous and prospective clients will create new chances of widening your audience and developing your business.

8 – You can earn the public’s trust through it

This point is closely related to the previous one since a good reputation and the trust of the people generally go hand in hand. Since interactions with your clients in social networks are immediate and allow for a customer-tailored collaboration between a business and the target audience, digital marketing puts a lot of emphasis on it. Your online interactions will shape others’ vision about your brand in particular, and social reviews and testimonials made by people your audience knows personally are a key aspect here.

9 – Ensures your prospective clients follow your calls to action.

Nowadays nothing helps your business more than a “like and share” or “tag your friends”. Good digital marketing makes use of these techniques which engage your audience. Calls to action let your visitors know what they can do, like “use this code to get a 10% off” or “buy it with a friend and get the second product for free”. Using these techniques, you can lure your visitors into making moves that are favorable for you.

10 – It makes sure you are ready for the future

It’s 2019 and the death of traditional marketing is inevitable. American houses are more and more often surrounded by devices that are connected to the cloud and interconnected with other devices. People do not leave the house so often. Practically everything you could have done in real life before is now done online. Leaving traditional marketing behind and thinking only in the future of marketing will only help your eCommerce grow. You want to be sure that your business survives any up and downs and you can enjoy its benefits.

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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

By Think Marketing on January 8, 2019

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019 -

Tech in Customer Service

It’s nothing new when we say technology will be integrating with of our physical lives and how brands communicate and work with consumers, but 2019 could be the year where tech really pushes forward.

In 2018, we saw several brands push forward different technologies to help consumers. Earlier last year, McDonald’s Egypt quietly started to install self-serve ordering machines in certain branches to reduce congestion and waiting times.

Vodafone International had locals scared after their new CEO stated that they will be laying off over 1,700 customer service members in Egypt, India and Romania. This was part of a plan to reduce costs and pay back a 31+ Billion Euro debt. They plan to replace customer service agents through AI and chatbots.

Read More on what Vodafone Egypt had to say > Vodafone EG NOT to layoff hundreds in effort to reduce costs

We have also discussed chatbots this year. Many brands have been switching to chatbots for their social channels, especially Facebook, to maintain strong and fast-paced communication with online consumers.

With our article on chatbots and examples on how to use them other than for customer service, we explain that it won’t be such a bad thing for chatbots to grow in the region, however there is still resistance from local audiences.  Chatbots’ growth in 2019 won’t be dramatic, but it will help locals get used to the technology for a future boom.

Overall, tech will be cementing itself even more in our daily routines and how brands can help consumers for a more efficient experience.

Website Updates

From Google’s new speed update to new SEO/analytic cluster focuses, websites will be seeing a lot of tweaking to become as optimized as possible before the end of the year.

Launched in July of last year, Google’s speed update meant that “[mobile] pages that deliver the slowest experience to users” would have lesser chance to rank on the search engine, although the company did note that a page could still rank if it has great, relevant content.

Websites should be aiming to improve their mobile pages with faster loading speeds and better user experience. They should also be focusing more on content/topic clusters to land higher on SERPs.

Create deeper penetration with your content by building several content pieces/pages around a core topic. This allows search engines to send consumers to your website faster and more efficiently as well.

Content/Topic clusters lets search engines understand that you are an expert within the category or topic, making you more likely to rank higher on SERPs.

Live Streaming Becomes Main Stream

Facebook’s algorithm continues to go through heavy scrutiny and upheavals as the social network continues to respond to one of the biggest digital leaks in history and GDPR. This meant several changes to the newsfeed algorithm, making it harder for brands to be seen through generic social media marketing.

Some marketers have found that streaming Facebook Live or Facebook Watch has helped them get through the new rules and changes, the same with Facebook Stories. The same can be applied on Instagram as well.

YouTube’s release of YouTube Premiere also pushes live streaming as a new way to get out of the clutter and have users opt into watching content. This allows channels to live stream a new video at a specific time and date so the channel and their viewers can watch and interact with each other at the same time. Premiere makes it easier for content creators to build anticipation for new videos, and have live interactions with fans and viewers.

Not only that, the MENA region, especially Egypt, is seeing an increase in consumers jumping onto streaming platforms. Platforms such as Amazon’s Twitch and China’s UpLive are some of the popular ones that local consumers are enjoying.

Brands should keep a look out on new niche platforms that involve video, especially live video, and find ways to create content or sponsor popular content creators.

Instagram Insights and Shopping

Late last year, we saw Instagram shopping in the region for the first time though Jumia Egypt.

You’ll need to open the post on your Instagram app for the shopping tags to show

Although Souq has yet to implement it, and Jumia’s other African accounts, Instagram’s power is about to increase ten-fold. Local crafters and sellers are on Instagram for its powerful visual nature that helps sales, and this feature finally reaching MENA will push e-commerce brands further into the app.

Otherwise, the platform’s growing data pool and audience means its influence in growing. According to We Are Social, Instagram’s users grew from 21% to 28% of those surveyed between January 2017 and January 2018. Although this is no current information on how the platform ended 2018, its popularity seems to be on the rise, especially with trendy features such as Stories.

Keep an eye out for Instagram shopping and analytics in 2019.

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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Article by: NOVEMBER 8, 2018 ADELINA

4 social media trends that will define 2019 -

1. Social commerce will grow exponentially

There is a top of 5 social networks that doesn’t change much from year-to-year. I am talking, about: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. But, in the last few years, photo-driven social media platforms had become very, very popular: Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. And it comes as no surprise. Because our attention span is also very short and it’s easier to digest visual content rather than text. I’d say that the growing popularity of Instagram, for example, is also because they sell a dream, a perfect life. The perfect filtered life!

Let’s take for instance Instagram.

2019 social media trends on Instagram:

Perhaps, my favorite social media platform. What started as an image sharing social media platform, Instagram evolved massively. From choosing the right hashtags to developing a proper Instagram strategy, having success on Instagram in 2019 is a full-time job.

2019 social media trends: Shopping on Instagram

Instagram is more than just a place you browse to find inspiration, it’s also a place of action. Another major social media trend on Instagram in 2019 is using this social media platform as a shopping tool. Yes, that is possible since Instagram introduced shoppable posts, which basically means adding links to your images directly on Instagram. But recently Instagram introduced shoppable Instagram Stories stickers. This way e-commerce brands can use the “product” sticker in Instagram Stories to tag specific products in stories, just like you can with regular Instagram shopping posts.

Or, another way to sell on Instagram is to use swipe-up links. Either way,  Instagram has become a very effective sales channel. Especially when brands work with social media influencers and combine the two marketing efforts. 

2019 social media trends on Pinterest

One of the most visuals social media platforms, the place where people go to look for inspiration and create inspirational mood boards, Pinterest hasn’t changed much recently. Let’s see what 2019 social media trends we can talk about when it comes to Pinterest.

A new way to shop,

I always thought of Pinterest as the perfect mix of social media, visual search and shopping platform. And this is exactly where Pinterest is heading by launching improved e-commerce features. To a place where brands can pin and sell their products easily.

Pinterest has always been the primary stop for people in the quest of shopping inspiration. And when you find something that you really want to buy, it’s very easy to actually make that purchase by simply clicking through to the retailer’s website. It seems to me like all these photo-driven social media platforms are slowly moving towards e-commerce platforms. And the reason behind this is actually pretty straightforward.  Where people go to look for inspiration, they should also be able to shop right from their feed. It’s effective for brands and consumers altogether.

2019 social media trends – Snapchat

One thing’s for sure, if your target audience is mostly millennials, your brand should be active on Snapchat!

And it also seems like Snapchat is slowly integrating more and more shopping features into their platform. Like their latest partnership with Amazon. Snapchat recently introduced a new feature that lets you take a photo of an object to buy it on Amazon. Users can simply use Snapchat’s camera to scan a barcode, which brings up a card showing that item with a title, price, review score, and Prime availability.

2. The rise of ephemeral content. Vertical video

2019 social media trends: Vertical video

Yes, vertical video is everywhere these days: from Instagram Story, IGTV, Instagram Live to YouTube. Who would’ve said, 2 years ago that vertical video would become the new way we consume video content on social media?! 

But it makes total sense. We rarely use our laptops to scroll on social media, but we all use our smartphones for a scroll down Instagram feed. So, for all brands out there who want to make it on Instagram in 2019, the time is now to start learning how to create vertical content for Instagram. Start investing in a proper social media team. 

3. Simple and more meaningful interactions. Chatbots

Facebook is the most popular social media platform around the globe with more than 2.6 billion people using Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger each month.

While public sharing is and will always be important, it seems like more and more people want to share privately too. Share a funny meme with their friends on Facebook messenger or an entertaining story that disappears in 24 hours.

From brands using messenger apps to get direct feedback or communicate directly with their customers, to Facebook groups that bring together individuals into meaningful communities, the need for social interaction is here. According to HubSpot, messenger is one of the most used ways buyers want to connect with a brand.

And of course, if we talk about messenger apps in 2019, we talk about chatbots integrated into social media. The biggest value in chatbots is their ability to automate conversations. More and more brands started using chatbots as a cost-effective alternative to paying real customer support representatives. Clearly, chatbots and the need for more simple and meaningful interactions in social media is one the biggest 2019 social media trends.

4. Augmented reality

Although it sounds kind of futuristic, you’ve probably already used augmented reality before. It all started with Snapchat introducing the famous “rainbow barfing” filter and soon Instagram and Facebook jumped on the bandwagon. In 2019, most celebrities have their own Instagram or Snapchat filter. For example, Rihanna launched her own shiny, sparkling filter – that will, of course, make you shine bright like a diamond (pun intended).

Although filters are not something totally new, this trend is here to stay as one of the biggest 2019 social media trends. Definitely worth trying out for a bit of fun! For brands, this is a big opportunity to get creative on social media. Like Kylie Jenner, for example. She has her own Instagram filter to promote her lip kits line. Simply follow Kylie for a chance to try out the filter and find your perfect lip kit shade.

On Snapchat you can also make your own filter, and discover Lenses built by Snapchatters around the world on Lens Explorer.

Social media is and has always been about meaningful social interactions. Today, more than ever, we talk about brands who are smart enough to stay up to date to the latest trends and changes and always adapt their social media marketing strategy to remain relevant. From AR to a totally new way of consuming video on social media, I think 2019 is going to surprise us. And I am curious to see how brands will integrate all these 2019 social media trends in their marketing strategies.  

What other 2019 social media trends are you putting your bets on?

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