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Strategic Management: 

Our clients KPIs are immensely important to us and we focus on their business objectives keeping it at the forefront of our decision making, thus ensuring that our clients overarching goals are top of mind.

We drive our clients KPIs such as:

Funnel Drop-Off Rate -

Revenue Growth Rate -

Inventory Turnover -

Relative Market Share -

To achieve their objectives:

Upward Revenue Growth

Our clients marketing strategy is built on this foundation.

Delivering a positive return on investment for our clients is of the utmost importance to us. We periodically evaluate this by analyzing the data in an ongoing manner and by making informed decisions. 

Digital/Social Media Marketing: 

We will provide you with a Social Media Audit. The Audit is useful in ascertaining which channel is performing the best for you. 

Most popular channels:

Facebook,Google Business,

LinkedIn, Instagram,

YouTube ,Twitter & Pinterest.

What we do:

We populate & optimize all your new and existing channels.

We approach your social media

organically and inorganically.

We use a balanced distribution strategy that compliments the channel algorithms of the various social media channels.  

Re-Marketing is vital to sustainable success and it is therefore something that we place on premium.

    Special Marketing offer:


Social Media Marketing Package:

Social Media Marketing

Ad Campaign Management (all inclusive)

Search Engine Optimization

Website Optimization

ROI analysis

Website Audit report

Analytical reporting


Only  $900.00  per month!

(Costs, as stipulated above, are monthly costs and are subject to change)




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